As the Agents get more intel on Logan, their case only becomes more grey. Meanwhile, Agent Pierce discovers how the underbelly of the town is really run.

MARVEL’S WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT starring Richard Armitage as Wolverine. Directed by Brendan Baker. Assistant Directed by Chloe Prasinos. Produced by Jenny Radelet and Daniel Fink. Written by Benjamin Percy. Featuring performances by Scott Adsit (Sheriff Ridge), Bob Balaban (Joseph Langrock), Zoe Chao (Mallory), Ato Essandoh (Agent Marshall), Celia Keenan-Bolger (Agent Pierce), Andrew Keenan-Bolger (Bobby), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Prophet), Jordan Bridges (Fisherman), David Call (Hudson Langrock), Chris Gethard (Librarian), Armando Riesco (Taxidermist), Chaske Spencer (Sherman Moses), Joanne Tucker (Doctor Beckman), Fredi Walker-Brown (Dispatch).

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