Zibby and Yeardley sit down with four K9 officers, including our own Detective Dan, to hear how they bond with these elite animals (no, to snuggling on the couch; yes, to playing “fetch” at 3AM). They also get the low down on the time Detective Dave ended up as a chew toy.

Special Guests Officer Brian has been a Police Officer for over 13 years. Specifically, he’s operated as a K9 handler for 11 years. Brian has worked 3 dogs, 2 of which are from Germany, one is from the Czech Republic. He’s been a State trainer for over 3 years and is currently running his own training class.

Officer Daren has been a Police Officer for 19 years. He’s worked two K-9s and is currently working with a third dog. Daren has been in the K9 field for 14 years. 


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