Kate Leth returns, and not a moment too soon! Sunnydale residents are being mystically transformed into their costumes - Buffy is a helpless 17th century noblewoman, Willow is an accidental sexy ghost, Xander is a soldier, and Cordelia is... well she's Cordelia, but in a cat costume. Across town, Oz wonders aloud for the zillionth time, "Who IS that girl?" and we wonder aloud "Will he ever find out??" This week we're discussing s2e6: Halloween.

Kate Leth is a comics writer and artist (Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!; Spell On Wheels), an eyeshadow warlock, and our Buffy FashionWatch Correspondent. Get to know her better at,, or give her a shout on twitter (@kateleth).

Jenny Owen Youngs is @jennyowenyoungs on twitter, and you can check out some of her non-Buffy songs at

Kristin Russo is @kristinnoeline on twitter. Learn more about the resources she creates for LGBTQ individuals and their families at and

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