Life is all about choices -- the choice of when you do and don't wanna fuck, the choice whether or not you want to have an abortion, and the choice of what podcast you wanna listen to. Today, Corinne and Krystyna, jointly known as the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night, celebrate two years of Guys We Fucked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast with the help of their traditional top-of-the-season (and bottom of Corinne) guest -- VINNIE VITALE! These thirsty three talk stripper hygiene, role models, male yeast infections, 1950s standards, statutory rape, how a pet can alter the dynamic of a relationship, celebrities fucking and getting photographed naked, and insecurity. PLUS: If you're not with Planned Parenthood, you're fucking against them. Thank you for two amazing years, #fuckers! WELCOME TO SEASON 3!! 


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