To save the ship from oblivion Solander and Staggers have to solve a cryptic poem. The butterfly takes Lord Banks back to a repressed memory; he seeks revenge with catastrophic consequences, as an unlikely hero emerges. Featuring Jemaine Clement (Lord Joseph Banks, Bertie Banks, Staggers), Lawrence Arabia (Solander) and Jonathan Brugh (Narrator), Peter Daube (the Butterfly), Nigel Collins (Greedy Pete, Dr Fincello), Bella Kalolo (Purea), Tom Clarke (Young Nick), Loren Taylor (Hjelke), Cohen Holloway (Fjord), Stephen Templer (Lars, Illustrator). Produced by Fiona Elwood. Original artwork by Stephen Templer. Produced by Fiona Elwood. Season 2 Audio design by: Thomas Press and James Dunlop.


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