A kayak of surviving Anderlugians are taken aboard the Fortitude and put on trial for an act of hideous depravity. As Lord Banks is about to punish his enemies a foe of a different kind causes pandemonium, tilting the balance of power.
Featuring Jemaine Clement (Lord Joseph Banks), Lawrence Arabia (Solander) and Jonathan Brugh (Narrator), Nigel Collins (Dr. Fincello, Greedy Pete), Stephen Templer (Illustrator, Lars), Tom Clarke (Young Nick), Madeline McNamara (Edna Halley), Bella Kalolo (Purea), Loren Taylor (Hjelke), Cohen Holloway (Fjord). Written and directed by Duncan Sarkies. Music by Lawrence Arabia. Original artwork by Stephen Templer. Produced by Fiona Elwood. Season 2 Audio design by: Thomas Press and James Dunlop.


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