As Venus casts its shadow on the Sausage Islands tensions build: Lord Joseph Banks has lost his pants and will go to any lengths to wreak vengeance, while a sinister uprising threatens to turn his world upside down.
Featuring Jemaine Clement (Lord Joseph Banks), Lawrence Arabia (Solander) and Jonathan Brugh (Narrator), Nigel Collins (Greedy Pete, Julian Gooch), Stephen Templer (Illustrator), Tom Clarke (Young Nick), Gavin Rutherford (Nutty), Madeline McNamara (Edna Halley), Keagan Carr Fransch (O'mara'ania), David Fane (Chief Tutaha), Bella Kalolo (Purea), Rob Mokaraka (Amorphallus) Tyler Wilson-Korkiri (Sausage Island Guide). Written and directed by Duncan Sarkies. Music by Lawrence Arabia. Original artwork by Stephen Templer. Produced by Fiona Elwood. Season 2 Audio design by: Thomas Press and James Dunlop.


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