THREE. FUCKING. YEARS. Who the fuck could have predicted this fucking shit? THANK YOU! On today's super special anniversary episode of #GuysWeFucked, Krystyna is bringing sexy back (byebyebye, birth control & very sorry for those two Justin Timberlake references right in a row) and Corinne is physically allergic to intimacy! AND THEN, we bring back one of the show's most popular guests of all-time, MIKE BROWN, to fill us in on the end of the saga that is his relationship with ex-bae, Corinne. Mike talks to the gals about therapy (he's finally going, women of NYC -- REJOICE!), how his parents' divorce set the stage for a lot of abandonment issues, his black woman intervention, and a lot of shout-outs. Like, more than was probably necessary, Mike.


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