Singer-songwriter David Bromberg is a human bridge between at least a half-dozen different styles of music. David and Marc talk about the pivotal evolution of modern music, as folk transitioned into rock, and all the people David worked with over the years, including Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, The Band, The Grateful Dead and Reverend Gary Davis. Plus, David explains why he quit for 20 years and developed a highly specific obsession. This episode is sponsored by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Loot Crate.


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Hey Marc- Thanks so much for the Bromberg interview. I discovered him when I was in college around '74. At that time I was playing bass in a bluegrass band and based on my albums thought he was a pure folk player. Then he came to our small town. The concert was at the downtown theatre which had a big stage. Bromberg came on with a huge band and played mostly what I would categorize and R and B most of the night. He blew my mind. I think I still have the 3 or 4 albums I bought in the '70s and thanks to your interview I just ordered his new blues album. Once again you have done us all a favor by mining a gem thats been out there all this time. Good man, Maron!