Hoot Gibson (Andy Daly) and the Rat Pack (Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, and Baron Vaughn) cap off their night of shooting on Ocean’s 11 by catching a Don Rickles (Dana Snyder) show at the Sands Hotel and Casino. The next day, Hoot is back at his day job at The New Frontier, when two Kansas City mobsters (Jon Gabrus and James Urbaniak) steal a fortune meant to save the local orphanage! Now Hoot must lead an Oceans‐style heist of his own, with a little help from Frank, Dean, and Sammy, as well as Angie Dickinson (Rachel Bloom). Can they pull the job to steal back the loot and save the orphanage?

Rachel Bloom
James Urbaniak
Jon Gabrus
Dana Snyder
Baron Vaughn
Jermey Carter
Matt Gourley


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