OH MY FUCKING FUCK IT'S #GUYSWEFUCKED DAY!! Start twisting your nips and feel that tingle down under because we are about to give you three great pieces of news!! You'll have to listen to find out what those are, but you should listen anyway because you'll learn imp. stuff like why it's ok to "just" want to be a housewife and how to handle inappropriate texts from a prospective employer. On this week's episode, co-hosts CORINNE FISHER & KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON sit down with comedian/ultimate Ukrainian bad boy TONY BROOKLYN over some 11am vodka sodas to talk about how he dishonored his family in the 1st grade, what prison is like, how to woo a 36-year-old at age 18, anal gaping, dating a trapeze artist, being married, getting stabbed (literally), why sometimes it's important to take a break from porn, and his secret passion: POETRY. We promise're gonna love this guy.


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