Actor Paul Dano has chosen interesting, off-beat roles since he was a teenager. He tells Marc the reasoning behind those choices, as they talk about his indelible work in Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, Prisoners, Love and Mercy, Youth, and his latest, Swiss Army Man. Also, Marc's buddy Adam Goldberg stops by and, as usual, talks about everything.


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Finished 'Maron' about 5 minutes ago and had to listen to this episode to find out why it wasn't renewed. I'm a new fan (of the podcast and show) and am completely hooked on all things Maron. While I appreciate the explanation and respect your decision--definitely better to leave people wanting more than to bash us over the head with formulaic episodes--my question is this: Are we to assume Shay abandoned Cody? I got the feeling she wasn't coming back from "getting coffee."