The girls of Sorry About Last Night have been feeling less than sexual these past few weeks and adjustments need to be made. Meanwhile, this week's guest's libido is fully intact. "Discovered" on one of the weirdest comedy shows Corinne has ever been on, this week C&K welcome new-to-the-scene comedian, drug aficionado, Hennessy drinker, and, we promise you, absolutely not an actor, ZALMAN (real name, pinky swear)! After explaining to Zalman what a podcast is, the three discuss referring to women as "bitches", the dangers of road head, how to court, growing up with a philandering Russian father, avoiding arrest, and how to proceed when you realize you just made plans to have a one night stand with a handicapped* chick. PLUS: Tasty jizz, #MeatyPussyProblems and homegirls.


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