Krystyna's pussy got eaten out ever so gently, Corinne's is now gettin' a daily dose of cran, and spirits are high in the Guys We Fucked studio! The Sorry About Last Night inbox was filled to the brim with gems this week, but the girls decided to dip into some info about PAPs and reply to a listener who puts the "fuck" in LA Fitness (qué?). Today, C&K welcome educator, storyteller, comic, bi-sexual, Latina, and daughter of an abortionist -- JENICE MATIAS. At age 62, Jenice is the oldest GWF guest to date, but based off her sex drive (or presence) you'd have no effin' clue. The three talk Sexual Revolution, the lack of sexual education (or any education) for minorities in 1960s NYC, what it's like to be part of the hottest underground abortion scene in town, the joys of masturbation, and the power of the mutha fuckin' pussy. We don't wanna get you too excited, but this episode might just change your life...


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