Fresh off their SOLD OUT show at The Comedy Store in Hollywood (THANK YOU!!), Corinne & Krystyna can't think of a better way to slide right back into the reality of their really weird lives than with a detailed conversation about cum-guzzling sparked by one #fucker's e-mail. Post jizzy jibber jabber, the girls of Sorry About Last Night welcome DJ, musician, and producer of Opie & Jim Norton on Sirius XM, TROY QUAN. Troy is that legendary dude we all have in our lives who seemingly has it all -- the looks, the career, and endless amounts of puss. Troy has certainly had his fair share of all forms of females - from the blindfolded stranger to the older woman with the mothering fetish, but he's also experienced (and been robbed of) true love. On this week's intense episode of GWF, he shares his story.


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