Welp, the girls of Sorry About Last Night beat the odds and survived their trip to central Illinois with two drag queens and they have two bellies full of Cheddar's, a new appreciation for contouring, and some unforgettable Tinder experiences to show for it! While Corinne is sure she's just swiped right on her next great love while on the bathroom floor in a Ramada Inn in Decatur, this week also brought with it a throwback evening with her first great love. On today's episode, Krystyna, Corinne, and Stephen take a business field trip to the movie theater to see Fifty Shades of Grey. Post-flick, they return to the studio (Krystyna's basement) and dissect every lip-biting second (oh, and there was a LOT of lip-biting) -- the play room, the control issues, that fine-ass bitch's boobies, the great "consent" debate, how first edition books are the 'it' romance gift of the season, why it's not ok to be using a flip phone in 2015, butt plugs versus genital clamps, spanking, dominant and submissive stereotypes, and the scene that made them all lose their shit laughing.


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