The gals of Sorry About Last Night will be packing their shit and coming to a town near you soon (well, I mean if you live in or near rural Illinois or LA), but before they do that it's time to verbally walk one loyal #fucker through the ins and outs of anal sex (shaving, lube, enimas, anal beads). But first things first -- BUTT PLAY! Then, they're ready to give a second listener tips on why none of his friends are willing to be his first fuck. This week, Corinne and Krystyna welcome GARREN (Showtime's "Gigolos"), owner of Cowboys4Angels -- the first elite escort service offering the company of straight men to straight women! C&K grill Garren on what his wife thinks about his business, the most bizarre client requests, and whether or not these dudes are DTF. Plus, Corinne offers to test out the merchandise.


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