This week was really more like a weekend for Corinne and Krystyna. A weekend for TWEENS, that is!! Stalking cute androgynous band boys, sneaking into the big party at the comedy club they're technically "banned" from, letting the girls (K's boobs) know, the norm. While Corinne has a Mulan-like moment as she reflects on just how many of her peers she's fucked, Krystyna questions why former female chums have gotten mad at her for, well, just being so damn sexay. This week's episode is a supah special one for the girls of Sorry About Last Night -- it's the special BFF episode! Join Corinne and Krystyna's ride or die bitches -- PAULA & MELISSA, respectively, as the chicas share vintage stories about fast food drive-thru antics, fake pizza deliveries, and all the weird little things that made these sexually explorative gals the women they are today! DISCLAIMER: Umm...sorry we talked over each other a lot. CHAMPAGNE + WHISKEY + 4 BFFs = BLAH BLAH BLAH...Enjoy!


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