Even after the success of her best friend's wedding, Corinne still thinks the idea of getting married is insane while Krystyna's period is making her (and everyone around her) go insane. This week, after the girls answer #fucker letters from a strong black woman who doesn't understand what white guys are more intimidated by -- the strong or the black -- and a self-proclaimed 'fat slut', they sit down with comic and ordained minister, MARIBETH MOONEY. MARIBETH is a 50+ cougar who officiates weddings, but has never had or wanted one of her own and her stories of fucking the tax man, finding out her boyfriend was gay during a threesome, and starting off life as a suffocated chubby Catholic girl leave Corinne & Krystyna begging for more. OTHER TOPICS INCLUDE: Derek Jeter's one-night stand gift baskets, school administration comparing girls in leggings to prostitutes, and finding out what the fuck a Today Sponge is.


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