While Krystyna has decided life is better without a full length mirror, Corinne has been busy basking in the glory of her butt as reflected in her brand new vanity mirror (emphasis on the vanity). This week, the gals of Sorry About Last Night welcome a dream guest, DAN SAVAGE. Savage is an author, media pundit, & journalist best known for his syndicated sex advice column "Savage Love", his weekly podcast "Savage Lovecast", and for starting the "It Gets Better" campaign with husband Terry Miller. In this especially candid and intimate episode, Corinne & Krystyna pick Dan's brain on everything from prostate milking to his coining of the term 'monogamish'. Why do straight people make their significant others exile past fucks? Has Angelina Jolie lost her edge? Does a relationship have to end in a funeral home for it to be considered a success? Is Dan a body fascist faggot? Are facials demeaning? All these questions and more are answered during this can't-miss episode.


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