After last week's cornucopia of emotions, Krystyna and Corinne needed to skip town. Krystyna found comfort in a Kim Kardashian-like stripper outside of Boston, and Corinne traveled to the majestic land of New Jersey where her standing on the 'Tier of Sluttiness' was realized. This week, the gals of Sorry About Last Night welcome a recurring GWF character of sorts...none other than CRAIG MAHONEY (AKA MAHOTTIE). Contrary to the show's title, sometimes having a penis in one's vagina isn't the true measure of a successful sexual encounter. Sometimes all that matters is that you woke up naked next to Craig Mahoney. Corinne recently woke up naked to Craig Mahoney, and she's been reveling in her victory ever since. TOPICS INCLUDE: Craig ruins the dreams of strange children, dogs watching you bang, crooked dicks, being roofied, & our most prized sexual mementos. PLUS: Bonus guest GWF Superfan LIZ from Australia & win tix to Hump! Tour 2014!


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