After several weeks of being labeled geniuses and also whores (depending on what publications you read), Corinne & Krystyna grab two glasses of whiskey (with Diet Coke, 'cause they're TIRED, ok??) and sit down in the podcast studio to clear up some stuff. For instance, they may have told the #fuckers to have a lot of sex and be proud of it, but, ya know, that's not exactly what they meant. Fancying themselves young, vagina'd Charlie Roses, the girls of Sorry About Last Night attempt a very adult roundtable discussion with Alex, a former Babeland sex educator and Mike Recine, the comic who notoriously called Corinne a pig on stage at her own comedy show. Suffering from a 5-day dry spell, Krystyna soaks in Alex's talk of gold-plated butt plugs and hot pink rubber penises, and Corinne reveals what really pissed her off about her night with Mike. Other topics include: the truth about sheepskin condoms, Planned Parenthood, and JUDGMENT.


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