Although they seem to use the Internet primarily for podcasting, on this week's episode Corinne & Krystyna admit that its true purpose is for stalking. After Krystyna shares a 7-year-old salmon and dog poop-based tale that's sure to regale #fuckers everywhere, the girls of Sorry About Last Night welcome this week's guest, Josh (a name that almost guarantees Corinne will fuck you, btw). Having previously played a sexually fueled text version of 20 Questions with both girls, the stage has been set for an episode sure to marinate the pussies of even the prudest listeners. During their conversation, Josh proves himself to be a real Renaissance man: sex addict, mental dominatrix, comedian, textpert, open relationship aficionado, and domestic-at-heart. Other topics include: arguing as foreplay, farting in one's sleep, the art of the handwritten note, & how much working at Victoria's Secret sucks. Plus, the results of Corinne & Krystyna's personality evaluations are in!


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