In this episode, host Kyle Ayers takes the show to Brooklyn for the biggest and most wild episode yet! You’ll hear readings from a Seinfeld parody, a (brace yourself) Schindler’s List parody, a There Will Be Blood parody, a Pinkie and the Brain parody, and a porno in which everyone is blind.

Cast: Nick Naney, Courtney Maginnis, Kerryn Feehan, Cate Weinberg, Casey James Salengo, Brendan Eyre, Tom Cowell, Tim Dillon, Andrew Collin, Anna Drezen, Blair Socci, Jason Burke, Mike Abrusci, Marcia Belsky, Sharron Paul, Ryan Beck, JP McDade, Ahri Findling, Christi Chiello, Will Winner, Evan Williams, Sarah Tollemache, Matteo Lane, and Sarah Lazarus

Music from: Mike Brown

Special thanks to Andrew Mumm, Carly Henry, and the Bell House.


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