The Nerd Poker crew is back for a special live episode from LA’s Largo theater! Brian, Gerry, Blaine, Ken and Dan are joined by special guests Chris Hardwick, Brendan Small and Steve Agee for a night of slaying orcs. Get ready for the world’s best bar fight, and find out whether you can cast a spell into your own face. All proceeds from this show go to benefit Dan Telfer.

Steve Agee
Brendon Small
Chris Hardwick


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I subscribed to for this show.

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"All proceeds from this show go to benefit Dan Telfer." - Except for the money Howl is charging to listen to it.
I suppose this means Howl is profiteering of Dan's cancer. Real nice guys. Class move.

I have listened and will now cancel my subscription.

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The king of comedy Chris Hardwick, needs to shout his hilarious jokes LOUDER!!!