In this special episode recorded live at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles, Richard Bunn is joined by a pair of amazing writers, Manny Rubbertoes (Punam Patel) and Dr. Darnell Chauncy (Brendan Jennings). Manny shares how she was able to overcome the childhood experience of being bullied, through the power of the 'Yo Mama' joke. She treats the audience to excerpts from her memoir as well has her joke book, Yo Mama, No Mama. While Dr. Chauncy will certainly never be Poet Laureate, he is the current Poet Larroquette (awarded by actor John Larroquette) so that's something. Bunn and his dear old friend take a walk down memory lane from Dr. Chauncy's seminal book of poetry Whispers on through his latest work I've Walked A Million Steps And A Million Steps Later I'm Right Back Where I Started. Oh Boy!

Punam Patel
Brendan Jennings


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