The season concludes with a bold interpretation of Robert A. Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land."

Produced by Matt Gourley and James Bladon, with Mark McConville.
Directed by Matt Gourley.
Edited by James Bladon with Matt Gourley
Additional Music by James Bladon


Paul F. Tompkins as: Robert A. Heinlein, Dorcas, Gillian Boardman, Larry, and the Irascible Man #2, Street Prostitute, A Car, Cars Plural and Crime.

Matt Gourley as: Jubal Harshaw, Ben Caxton, Agnes Douglas, Anne, Duke, Irascible Man #1, Sidewalk Prostitute, a Building and a Jumbotron.

Mark McConville as: Valentine Michael Smith, Walking New Yorker, and Captain Willem Van Tromp.

James Bladon as: Secretary General Joseph Douglas, Miriam, and Dr. Stinky Mahmoud.

Jeremy Carter as Jeremy Carter, the narrator.


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