"People expect me to either defend or explain my generation but, because I feel 75 inside myself, I'm not really the right candidate for the job." That's what Girls creator Lena Dunham tells Marc when she visits the garage. Instead of carrying the burdens of an entire generation, Lena and Marc talk about modern art, feminism, filmmaking, dating and a morbid fascination with death.


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I'm 50 but I feel like I'm 75 so maybe that's the connecton I feel. I'm a fan not only of the work she does but of her as a man will be a fan of a woman, That is, I see that she is a smart and beautiful woman. If she is also kind and I have heard that she is then that would complete the attraction. I understand that you have a love in your life but all's fair so an actual connection between the two of us would be as amazing as it is unlikely. So on the interim, while I hold my breath, all I can do is wish her the best that life has to offer. Lena, thank you for being you and sharing it with the world.