It’s playtime on I Know It Sounds Crazy…, as Pixar’s Toy Story movies are picked up by the grubby hands of fan theorists and forced to act out their bidding. Sean and Erik learn the secret origins of Jessie, the real explanation for the absence of Andy’s father, and the ultimate fate of the bully Sid, then look at how everything that happens in Toy Story was already spelled out in Stanley Kubricks’ A.I.—and repeated all over again in The Walking Dead. And naturally, they look at how Toy Story 3 is really a Marxist allegory of Obama’s America that’s also full of Illuminati symbolism and about the Holocaust. Today we put away childish things and learn to speak as a (crazy) man.


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I don't think you understand how important Brink! is to me as a person and I will happily share my fan theories.